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Chocolate Uses

Uses for Chocolate


Chocolate is an indulgent, comforting treat, adds richness, flavour and texture to dessert and pleasure to our lives.


Chocolate is a very flexible ingredient and can be turned into mousse, frosting, glaze or ganache for varied collection of cakes, desserts and cookies.


There are some common terms in chocolate application including ‘Baking Chocolate’, and semisweet and bittersweet chocolate.


Baking chocolate is also known as ‘unsweetened chocolate’ or ‘bitter chocolate’.

Compound Chocolate Versus Real Chocolate in Baking

Types of chocolate used for baking and confectionery include real chocolate couverture and compound chocolate.

Real chocolate couverture has cocoa butter and chocolate liquor as main ingredients, requiring more attention and preparation when being melted down. The rich sheen makes it suitable for coating and decorations. When it is tempered correctly, it has a glossy shine, has a snap and melts in your mouth.

Compound chocolate substitutes the two main ingredients found in real chocolate. Instead of chocolate liquor, it has cocoa powder, and replaces the cocoa butter with oil. Compound chocolate is often used in the mass market. Due to high oil content, it has its drawbacks when it comes to health.

Chocolate couverture has a wide variety of applications, such as:


- Gourmet Chocolate : Praline, Truffles Shells, Fillings, Bars

- Decoration: Chocolate Sushi, Chocolate Cake Pop

- Mousse: Cake

- Chocolate Sauce, Fondue dip

- Chocolate Vegan cookies

- Chocolate Ice-cream / Gelato

- Chocolate Drinks, CocoSpoon

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