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About Tatgu

About Tatgu


Tatgu Pte. Ltd., registered in Singapore, produces premium, Low Glycemic Index (G.I.) chocolate couvertures , making it ideal for the health conscious and diabetics.

Our chocolate couvertures have a unique formulation – 100% derived from sugarcane. The flavour is packed with 4 to 5 times sweetness of regular sugar. Our unique products allow people to enjoy the health benefits of chocolate without the negative effects of excessive sugar.

Tatgu Chocolate can be used on a wide range of products such praline, bars, cakes, pastries, and confectionery.


Our chocolate is certified Halal and Kosher, suitable to be enjoyed by people of all cultures around the world.

Tatgu chocolate is also:

  • Ovo Lacto Vegetarian

  • Lacto Vegetarian

  • Pesco vegetarian

Our 2 main types of couverture are 85% Dark Chocolate Couverture and White Chocolate Couverture.

Our 85% Dark Chocolate Couverture has high content of cocoa without compromising palatability, and has only 14% sugarcane derivative.


Our White Chocolate Couverture, has less than 10% sugar composition while retaining the sweetness.

Our products can be supplied to manufacturers, confectionaries, home bakers and direct customers. Our mission is to offer healthier choices for chocolate for people all around the world.


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