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85% Dark Chocolate

85% Dark Chocolate

Tatgu’s Dark Chocolate Couverture

- Generally, high content of cocoa in chocolate products found in the market causes the  chocolate to be less palatable.

- However, Tatgu's Dark-chocolate couverture possesses a high content ratio of 85% cocoa while still being palatable and delicious.

- Hence, children are able to enjoy our 85% Dark chocolate to their hearts' content, without the ill effects associated with excessive sugar consumption. 


- Applications:  For use as a couverture, various processes: moulding, enrobing and coating and as an ingredient in confectionery.  Can also be consumed directly. 

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Taste Profile

Sensory Profile of 85% Dark Chocolate​

GCD 8910 Sensory Evaluation Result-R.jpg

Tatgu 85% Dark Chocolate Versus Others

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