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Our Story

The Tatgu Story


In search of a healthy food due to personal health and with family members who are diabetic.  

Chocolate is known as one of the superfood and is also good for diabetic. It has long history and research to show the good health results – brain, heart and happiness.  

“Theobroma Cocoa” in Latin means “Food of the gods” was used by Aztec & Mayan reserved for rulers and special ceremonies.  
However, when Spaniards brought this exotic Cocoa fruit back to Europe, to make the cocoa drinkable, lots of sugar is added  to make the processed chocolate sweet.  
When Tatgu tried to use the chocolate couvertures available in the market, however could not find one.  

One that is high in cocoa content, rich in taste yet low in sugar.  Importantly does not cause blood sugar level spike.  

The opportunities with a chocolatier who is Tan, so the 2 Tans embark to formulate this low Glycemic Index chocolate.  Taste good yet low in sugar, can be enjoy by all ages from children to golden age.  

The very first chocolate praline is made using Shiitake mushrooms.  In Chinese, mushrooms is read as “gu”.
And Tatgu was born in 2014.  

Our 85% Dark, Milk and White Chocolate  are Low Glycemic Index (G.I.) have a unique formulation – 100% derived from sugarcane. The flavour is packed with 4 to 5 times sweetness of regular sugar. Our unique products allow people to enjoy the health benefits of chocolate without the negative effects of excessive sugar.

Our 85% Dark Chocolate Couverture has high content of cocoa without compromising palatability, and has only 14% sugarcane derivative.


Our White Chocolate couverture, has less than 10% sugar composition while retaining the sweetness.

Tatgu Chocolate can be used on a wide range of products such praline, bars, cakes, pastries, and confectionery.   Can be supplied to manufacturers, confectionaries, home bakers and direct customers


Our chocolate is certified Halal and Kosher, suitable to be enjoyed by people of all cultures around the world.

Tatgu chocolate is also: 

- Ovo Lacto Vegetarian

- Lacto Vegetarian

- Pesco vegetarian


Our mission is to offer healthier choices for chocolate for people all around the world.

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