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7 Benefits

7 Benefits

of Chocolate

Throughout history, chocolate has been revered for its many uses, and demand has exploded across the world.


Today, chocolate and its related products are consumed by millions around the world, and some of its functional benefits are yet to be discovered.


Here are 7 reasons chocolate is good for you.


#1: Chocolate is a Superfood

Not many people know this, but chocolate is a superfood. A superfood by definition is a nutrient rich food that is beneficial for your body. Chocolate is made up of several nutrients that fulfil your body’s nutrition requirements. Plus, its sweet properties allow it to get digested quickly, which makes it an instant energy food.


#2: Lower Cholesterol

If you have cholesterol issues, you may be unable to eat many of your favorite comfort foods. However, chocolate is one comfort food that you won’t have to cross of your checklist. It has low levels of cholesterol. However, you can consult your doctor to understand which chocolates are better for you.


#3: Improves brain function

Due to several nutrients, chocolate is known to be beneficial for brain function. It also helps in improving cognitive functionality. to crave more chocolate.


#4: Prevents Memory Decline

Now that we have established that chocolate is good for your brain health, it is an obvious point that brain helps strengthen your memory. It also lessens memory damage, so your memory stays sharp for longer. Miraculous and delicious, isn’t it?


#5: Helps fight heart disease, reduces risk

On top of the low cholesterol composition, it is also great for your cardiac health. Chocolate helps in strengthening the components of your circulatory system, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease. Also, it is a good food to eat, for heart patients due to its healthy properties. 


#6: Full of vitamins and minerals

Chocolate consists of several vital nutrients and minerals, like potassium, calcium, iron, copper, Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. All these are simply great for your well-being. These elements help in several functions of your body. It is also high in protein, which helps in building muscle. Carbs and dietary fibers are also present, which are beneficial in their own right.


#7: Lifts mood

Last but not the least, chocolate helps lift your mood, but you probably knew that already. This is one food you will crave, no matter you’re sad or happy. Cocoa raises the serotonin levels in your brain, which makes you feel happy. This is one of the prime reasons that chocolate is known as a comfort food around the world and loved by people of all ages.

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