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85% Dark Chocolate Couverture: 250g Bag

  • S$12.50 each price include PayPal charges and GST.


    Low Glycermic Index (GI) value of 27, Diabetic-friendly.


    High in Iron and Potassium. 


    Tatgu 85% dark chocolate couverture buttons uniquely formulated with extraordinary bittersweet couverture chocolate made from a blend of the best Ghana and Ivory Coast cocoa from Africa.


    With a high 85% cocoa content, Tatgu 85% dark chocolate is perfect for the bittersweet chocolate.  Highly palatable and delicious for chocolate lovers. 


    Tatgu 85% dark chocolate couverture can be used on a wide range of products such praline, bars, cakes, pastries, and confectionery or be consumed directly in its purest form. 


    For home pastry chefs and professionals alike - it has a powerfully bittersweet base gives a higher than typical amount of cocoa butter to your desserts and truffles a silky mouth finish.  That is suitable for pastry, chocolate fillings, molding, enrobing, and icing.  Tatgu buttons are easier to work with than large industrial size block.


    Further with its high sweetness profile, it can help to reduce your sugar further from your recipe.  With the unique formulate with 100% sugarcane derivative, the flavour is packed with 4 to 5 times sweetness of regular sugar, it allows people to enjoy the health benefits of chocolate without the negative effects of excessive sugar.


    Dark Chocolate Tempering Temperature:

    Temperature Melting:  45 degree C

    Pre-Crystallizing:  27 degree C 

    Processing/Moulding:  32 degree C

    Cooling:  10-12 degree C


    Product of Singapore. 

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