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Milk Chocolate - 1kg Bag

  • S$38.00 each price include PayPal charges and GST.

    The marriage of the Low Glycermic Index (GI) Tatgu 85% dark chocolate and White chocolate to create the Milk Chocolate.  

    Rich in flavour

    Hight in Calcium, Potassium & Iron 

    Suitable for the health conscious


    Milk chocolate is highly palatable and delicious for chocolate lovers. 


    Tatgu Milk chocolate can be used on a wide range of products such praline, bars, cakes, pastries, and confectionery or be consumed directly in its purest form. 


    Milk Chocolate Tempering Temperature:

    Temperature Melting:  45 degree C

    Pre-Crystallizing:  27 degree C 

    Processing/Moulding:  32 degree C

    Cooling:  10-12 degree C


    Product of Singapore. 

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