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White Chocolate - 100g Bottle

  • S$10.00 each. Price includes PayPal charges and GST.


    Low Glycaemic Index (GI) value of 27, Diabetic-friendly. 

    High in Calcium and Potassium. 


    Uniquely formulated the world first LOW sugar composition of 10-12% SUGAR content while retaining sweetness efficacy.  Comparing to most of the white chocolate contains 45 - 65% of sugar.


    Tatgu white chocolate couverture uses genuine high 36% cocoa-butter and dairy-based milk powder as main ingredients. The result is a particularly silky smooth milky white chocolate that gives a clear RICH flavour woven together with unique flavour of the 100% sugarcane derivatives that does not cause blood sugar level spike thus Diabetic-friendly. 


    Product of Singapore. 

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