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White Chocolate Couverture: 500g Bag

  • S$20.00 each price include PayPal charges and GST.


    Low Glycaemic Index (GI) value of 27, Diabetic-friendly. 


    High in Calcium and Potassium. 


    Tatgu white chocolate couverture uses genuine high 36% cocoa-butter and dairy-based milk powder as main ingredients. The result is a particularly silky smooth milky white chocolate that gives a clear RICH flavour woven together with unique flavour of the 100% sugarcane derivative.  Its world first Low sugar 10-12%  composition while retaining sweetness efficacy, palatable and delicious for white chocolate lovers, it can be consume directly in its purest form. 


    The easy to handle small chocolate buttons is available for culinary professionals and for home baking enthusiasts as a user-friendly way to bake stunning cakes, cookies and a host of other delights for family and friends! 


    Caution:  This product may contain traces of nuts and dairy products.


    White Chocolate Tempering Temperature:

    Melting:  45 degree C

    Pre-Crystallizing:  27 degree C 

    Processing/Moulding:  28 degree C

    Cooling:  10-12 degree C


    Product of Singapore. 

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